Training Programs

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons for owners who wish to do their own training and the cost is $40.00 per lesson. You can call to schedule your weekday lesson they are offered Tuesday-Friday from 8am -12 noon or take advantage of our Saturday morning open house also from 8am -12 noon. All training and lessons are given at the Olive Hill Kennels.

Make a Reservation

To make a reservation for boarding, training or lessons at Olive Hill Kennels, please call us at 530-735-6217. Be sure to leave your name, phone number (with area code), and what kind of training you are looking for. We will call you back to confirm your reservation if you have not already spoken with a staff member. You can drop your dog off anytime Sunday or Monday from 8-3, or Tuesday - Saturday 8-4. Keep in mind if you wish to speak with our dog trainer when you drop your dog off, he is available Tuesday-Friday from 8am -12 noon or at our Saturday morning open house also from 8am -12 noon. All training and lessons are given at the Olive hill Kennels. If you are unable to make it there to meet with the trainer it is not a problem, you can fill out a ‘notes to the trainer’ form and follow up with a phone call.

Vacation Planning

If you are planning a week or two of vacation this summer, don't forget that your good old bird dog could use a vacation too! We are offering a week's stay at Olive Hill Kennels. For $252.00 per week. We will take him out and hunt him over game birds every training day - a real treat for him and a great refresher on his bird work for the upcoming season! Call and make reservations to coincide with your vacation. We will be happy to watch him while you are gone!

If you would like to have our brochure mailed to you please feel free to drop us an email at Info@OliveHillKennels.com.


Olive Hill Kennels Hours of Operation

Sunday & Monday - 8am to 3pm
Tuesday thru Saturday - 8am to 4pm


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